Adventure Racing is the ultimate test of human endurance. Commitment, teamwork, courage and determination are the cornerstones of success. Imagine covering 800km in 10 days using only non-motorized travel, ascending a total of five times the elevation of Mount Everest, and sleeping for only 10 hours during that time: this is Adventure Racing.

Adventure Racing is one of the fastest growing extreme sports in Ireland. In many ways it can be likened to an expedition with a stopwatch. Races take anywhere between a fast and furious 6 hours to a gruelling 12 days to complete and encompass a multitude of disciplines including mountain-biking, fell-running, kayaking, rock-climbing, horse- and camel-riding, orienteering, in-line skating, and coasteering. Races are held worldwide, the best known being Eco-Challenge and Primal Quest.

Teams are comprised of four members, one of which must be a female. The aim of the competition is to be the first team to get all members across the finish line together. If a team member cannot finish, the team is disqualified.

Based in Ireland, Average Joes is a group of committed, competitive, highly successful athletes. Each team member possesses their own dynamic skills which, when combined, create a strong, synchronized team. We have an ambition to compete at the highest level in both national and international Adventure Racing.

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