Orienteering – Autumn Trophy – Kilbroney


Kilbroney Orange CourseToday I finally realised that I have a ‘proper’ injury and one that simply won’t go away with a couple of days rest. Two Wednesdays ago during the O training organized by QUB, I must have pull my calf muscle on the initial 9km run. I only felt it at the end of the evening and I guessed (like most people) a couple days off running would be the standard cure. That Sunday I went out for a trail run around Belvoir Forest (I had no pain in my calf at this point), but after 16 minutes I felt my calf tighten again. I stopped and walked back to the car wondering what I had done to myself. At this point I realised I must have torn the muscle slightly. I give it a full weeks rest from running and by Friday the calf muscle felt fine and pain free. Today I had the chance to go down to the orienteering at Rostrevor, because the kids football had been called off due the recent heavy rain. The Green was the hardest course on offer so I thought it would be a good test for the calf. However, after 5 minutes into my warm up I felt my calf tighten again….oh dear!! It was not painful, but you knew it was there. I decided to drop down to the Orange course, so I was not tempted to compete with the usual guys on the Green. I was able to walk ok and jogging on the flat was fine as well.

Micro Nav Course BI got around the Orange course ok and because I was forced to go at a slower pace it gave me a chance to concentrate more on the map and matching it with the terrain around me. Once finished the Orange course there was a chance to practice some micro navigation around the park. LVO had set up about 25 controls dotted around the various trees in the open park. There was then 4 courses to try and even though I only try one course it was very good fun and a great orienteering exercise.

At the end my calf did not get any worst, but it means I still need to get it sorted properly, which also means running is out of the window for a few weeks. Next week is the NIO Champs at Meelmore….I would be surprise if my calf was anywhere close to 100%, so it looks like I will be forced to give it a miss. Luckily the Dromare Trailquest Series starts next Sunday, so hopefully I will make that instead. …..so tomorrow it’s back out on the bike.


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