St Fillan’s Mountain Bike Challenge – Jonny’s Report


Photo by Dave MackeyHaving never raced in a straight mountain bike race before I thought I’d give the St Fillan’s Mountain Bike Challenge a blast which took place in the beautiful Perthshire countryside. Rachel also entered the race and we couldn’t have had a better day for it. Although it felt cold the sun was shining and the ground was dry. Trying to fix Rachel’s brakes on the start line didn’t quite work and she had to ride the race without a front brake…which was fine for the uphill start but not so fine for the downhill finish! The race began with a short road section before breaking off into the woods and starting a significant climb. It spread the field out and as a couple of riders disappeared into the distance I found myself 5th where I remained for the race. The terrain was very Photo by Dave Mackeyenjoyable after the initial climb and the course constituted of undulating fire roads. We raced out to the highest point of the course before doubling back on ourselves which enabled you to find out how much work to do if positions were to be gained. I saw Rachel on this part…the leading female rider, although it looked a close race. I was quite far off the first two riders but not too far from 3rd and 4th. As the course took us past the half way point and mainly downwards I pushed hard to try and gain a place but found 4th place was no where in sight. A steep descent with a few tight bends took us back to the village before crossing the finish line. 18 miles in total with over 2000ft of climb, it was a great race and highly enjoyable. We’ll be back next year for sure…Rachel has to defend her Women’s Open title!

Mountain Bike Challenge Results


One Response to “St Fillan’s Mountain Bike Challenge – Jonny’s Report”

  1. 1 Dave Mackay

    Hi Johnny

    I stumbled across your blog while trying to sniff out the results from the race.

    It was a great day and a very enjoyable race.

    I have a couple of photos of yourself and Rachel at the finishing line which my daughter took.

    If you are interested then I can forward them to you.

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