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Sunday morning was a very civilized affair. No early morning starts (anything after 8am is a sleep-in), a relaxed breakfast and a stress less 30 minute drive up to Belfast and the start to the 5th round of the Trailblazers series. The weather was overcast, but warm – it was a perfect day for trailquesting. […]

Tonight was the 8th WEE event of the year and the final one before the July break. The location was Tollymore Forest and you could not have asked for a more perfect summer’s evening. The Planner made a slight error with the map scale and the 4.8km long course was actually half the distance at […]

Summer time is now well and truly with us and events just seem to be flying out of the wood work. It wasn’t so long ago that you would have been luckily to get an event every other month. Now there is some ‘adventure sport’ event happening every week. By the time November arrives I’m […]

The 7th event in the WEE series took place at Gosford Forest, just outside Markethill. This would be my first time running in the forest and even with the threat of heavy showers when I arrived, I was looking forward to it. From the start I quickly decided to take the track just north from […]

Last Saturday I took part in the Mourne Way Marathon. This was a full marathon run based on the new Mourne Way Trail from Newcastle to Rostrevor. It was also one of Rowan’s projects and one of the reasons why he was been so quiet on the blog front over the last few months. There […]

By my standards (which are not very high at the minute), I had a poor run tonight with two major mistakes costing me about 8 minutes and dropping me down to 12th. It was the best ‘headless chicken’ routine I’ve done for a long time. However, it reminds me why I like orienteering so much […]

The third round of the Scottish O League was hosted by Roxburgh Reivers at Teviothead. The terrain consists of fast open hillside, grazed by cattle and sheep. The hill tops have intricate contour detail with small runnable areas of marsh. Mapped marshes are soft, but there are unmapped areas of rushes where the ground is […]