Open5 – North York Moores – Jonny’s Report


The third round of the Open5 series took place on the North York Moores back on 1st February and I competed alongside Rachel in the mixed pairs category. A very cold day meant the going was slower than we would have liked in places as fingers and toes felt the full force of the biting cold. We opted to run first, and after taking slightly longer than planned to find a control (‘thread at foot of south easterly stack’…turned out not to be the foot at all!) we got round the run section in good time and navigated the route well. The scenery from the top of the course was amazing, we could even see Captain Cookes Monument from the New Years day fell race we both ran at. Back to the transition area and as we refuelled and planned the bike route we got very cold, it took a while to get going and warm up. There was a lot of ‘hike a bike’ compared to normal Open5 events, however the snow that had begun to fall made riding tougher in places we would have otherwise biked. We arrived back at the finish slightly late and lost a few points but finished 11th equal out of 30 mixed pairs. Post race analysis…we should have got a couple more CP’s on the bike section, but overall our route selection was very good and seemed to be favoured by all the top finishers in each category. It felt like we are eventually getting the hang of the Open5 format and next time WE WILL make the top 5…maybe!



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