Is your name Joe?


With the racing season soon upon us, Average Joes are starting to actively look for some new blood to join us. Of course we will be looking for a replacement for Kate and this will be our main priority, but we are also hoping to recruit another male (or two) to help cover other team commitments, injuries etc. There are three ‘Irish’ races this year which require a full team of four – a 24hr Wicklow AR in July, the 36hr Beast of Ballyhoura in August and the Cooley Raid in November. There will also be lots of races which require a mix of 2 or 3 person format, including the Rat Races.

People interested should already have a good background in running and mtbing. Without this they will find it very hard to compete at the level the team hope to achieve. Being able to navigate would be a plus, but not essential. Other skills like kayaking, climbing and navigation (if required) we can teach. We can also help with some gear, but mainly we will be able to pass on years of accumulated AR knowledge and experience. Being based in the North or close to the Mourne Mountains will also help with training sessions. If anyone is interested or wants more info then email me here.


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