Learnmount Forest Score Event – Jonny’s Report


Runners at the Learmount Forest Score EventNWOC hosted a score O event last Saturday at an old orienteering venue in Learmount Forest. I made the journey up from Belfast and the closer I got the more snow there appeared to be! There were 24 controls in total with a time limit of 45 minutes, for every minute late competitors would be penalised 10 points. 10 controls were worth 10 points, 10 x 20 points, 2 x 30 points and 2 x 50 points. I decided to collect the high points controls to the South first, picking a couple of lower score controls off on the way. After picking up the first 50 pointer I enjoyed the run back down the hill with plenty of snow under foot. I then headed out to the West grabbing a few 10 pointers on the way before picking off 4 of the 20 pointers heading North. The white areas of the forest were not as runnable as you would have thought and the snow slightly slowed my expected time between controls. A steep climb and I knew i had enough time to get out to the second 50 pointer collecting the second 30 point control on the way. From here it was back to the finish picking off as many controls on the way. The navigation was simple enough however with the clock approaching 45 minutes I ‘panicked’ slightly and made a dash back along the main tracks to the finish. I was 1 minute 38 seconds late and so was docked 20 points, finishing with a score of 370 points. I had got all but 5 controls and, in hindsight, should have taken a better route back to the finish picking up a couple more but instead chose the easy route around the path. I think if i had pushed harder early on it would have been possible to clear the course, still it was a good training race for the Northern Ireland Score Champs to be held on the 21st February at Woodburn. It seems all but two runners ran over time (one of which being Ivan Park who forgot to start his watch!) and Simon Reeve came in second place with 280 points. The next orienteering is Tuesday the 17th of February when Paul and Jonny will team up with Mark Wilson to run a harris style night relay.



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