Skates and Night O


Going out on your first inline skate training session is not a good way to prepare for a race, which is only two and a half weeks away. However, with time constraints and problems sourcing proper equipment it was an issue we could not put off any longer. For the Portugal race the team had hoped to just use the trikkes and not need to bring skates, but after a few emails to and from the organisers it turns out that at least two of the team will have to skate at some point. Jonny and Paul unfortunately volunteered to skate and that was how on Tuesday night they found themselves at the start of the Comber Green Way looking at a 12km round trip to Comber and back. After 12km, one fall and a few bemused onlookers as we crossed various roads, the out come was surprisingly positive. At one point the comment was ‘this skating lark is not too bad’. Another skate session next week will see Paul and Jonny become skate ‘zen’ masters, but they will still be hoping to be allow to use the trikkes instead of skates during the race.

Wednesday evening and Paul and Jonny were back within their comfort zone and competed in the second round of the WENT orienteering series. WENT stands for Wednesday Evening Night Training and is a perfect excuse to continue that mid week orienteering fix from the highly successful WEE and WEST series from the summer. This week’s venue was held at Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park, Upper Malone Rd, Belfast. 34 people brought their head torches to test themselves against a 45 minute score course. Jonny come 1st, completing the course in 17:59 minutes with Paul following closely behind to take 2nd place. Next week the event will be down in Tollymore Forest.



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