Mars® Refuel Fund Success


Those clever chaps at Mars® have joined the sports drink revolution, blending a Mars® Bar with a dash of moo juice to create Mars® Refuel. This drink, providing the perfect 4:1 protein/carbohydrate ratio required for maximum post-exercise recovery quickly became a firm favourite with the Joes and gave a chocolatey little lift to the end of each training session. Delicious and nutritious: the holy grail of sports food had been found.

Imagine our glee, then, when the Mars® Refuel Fund was launched, offering to support individuals, clubs or teams with up to £500 to be put toward sports equipment or expenses. Dedicated to work, rest and play (and shiny new gear) we quickly sent off the required paperwork and crossed our fingers.

After scrutiny by a panel of judges which included Olympic athletes, the Joes’ application was deemed original and exciting enough to beat off the 3000 other hopefuls. The Mars® Refuel Fund would be opening its purse-strings for us!

Many thanks indeed to everyone at the Mars® Refuel Fund for selecting our team and for recognising adventure racing to be the crazy, gruelling, chocolate-necessitating sport that it is. We will be putting the prize toward our entries and equipment for Esotril Portugal XPD in December and look forward to keeping Mars® up to date with our preparations for this race.

For more details check out the Mars® Refuel website


One Response to “Mars® Refuel Fund Success”

  1. You should definitely try Yop! I’m told it is far nicer than this guff!!

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