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The Average Joes get press coverage for their up and coming coast to coast training run, which they hope to raise funds for Rowan’s local Primary School. Advertisements

Yesterday I went for a spin on the bike – something I hadn’t done in a long time. All my weekends lately have been eaten up with running big distances over mountains in preparation for the 2008 MMM. Now that is over it was time to dust down the bike and cycle some hills for […]

Upon entering the MMM for the second year my objective was simple – to finish the event in one piece. Last year I had to pull out on day two with a mangled knee but I was hoping that many long runs in the Mournes recently would stand to me and I would not be […]

The penultimate WEST event was held in Belvoir Park, and for once the sun shone, I suppose that would be right as we are now indeed officially in Autumn and those wet days of the Summer are over! With Paul still feeling his exertions from the MMM at the weekend he took on a fellow […]

The Mourne Mountain Marathon took place last weekend….and what a weekend! The sun shone for the full two days and there was not one little sign of any rain….brilliant. The only downside was during the day… it got a bit too warm and the steady consumption of fluids was a must. But of course, we […]

The third WEST event took place in the lower part of Barnetts Demesne on another damp Wednesday evening. The course was 2.2km with 16 controls. The course was slightly different to previous events in that competitors ran one half of the butterfly loop before heading out on a longer section of controls and then returning […]

After Buff kindly offered us a free entry into the Galway Rat Race, we decided to stick to the spirit of the race and entered a mixed team of three. Rowan volunteered to stay at home and wave the pom-poms, leaving Jonny, Kate and Paul to fly the Joe flag as team Average Joes in […]